Welcome to Phở NASA

Welcome to Phở NASA

Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine in Clear Lake, TX


First time ever having Vietnamese and thoroughly impressed. Not only delicious and was ready less than 10 min after ordering, but they even cut vents in the takeout container to prevent the egg rolls from getting soggy. Will absolutely be back. Strange side note, but they also have great toothpicks.

Ian F.


One of two Vietnamese restaurants that really churn out flavorful, traditional Vietnamese dishes. The only way to achieve the richness of the Pho broth is to steep bones for extended periods, usually overnight. Not only is the Pho good but also their Bo Luc Lac and the spring rolls are made fresh. Broth so good, you can't stop drinking it. They also have the best Vietnamese coffee, it's rich and creamy.

Thuy T.


This place was an amazing find! The pho is outstanding. They use real bone broth that they simmer for 18 hours. Also, prices are very reasonable. My wife is Vietnamese and loves the food as well. Recommend the rock n roll tofu.

Wes M.

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